Posted: July 10, 2011 in Gaming, Ramblings
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Not the website, but rather my physical site.  I’m downsizing to a smaller place.  What’s that got to do with gaming?  Let me explain.

Moving to a smaller place means less space for games.  So for a man with 4 bookcases worth of games, what do you do?  Downsize.  I’m first selling off a bunch of my older games to some friends and then onto eBay.  After that some of the games will go into storage until I figure out what to display.  Right now, I’m giving my self one shelf to put games on.  That’s right, one shelf.

Consider this, right now the only game I’m playing is D&D Encounters on Wednesday nights.  No 4th Ed campaigns no nothing else.  So why do I have all these books out?  Who am I showing them too when no-one is coming over to play a game?  So here’s my thought; beyond my Miniatures for D&D I’m just putting out my Essentials stuff.  My core 4E books are staying in the box and going to be accessible if I need them but overall, they are going into storage.  Why should I put them out when they are not the books I’m using or that WOTC seem to be supporting?  The latest supplements refer me to the Essentials books as the “need to play” component.

Now, that said, there will be some shelf space for Settlers, Killer Bunnies, and Nuts too.  These are party games and when friends do come over type of things.  But on an RPG front, Essentials seems to be it until we sort out the space.

That said, keep an eye out on ebay in a few for game auctions from “justifiedorg” ..

  1. DaveK says:

    The move has been called off. Whew. The bobcat was here and the back yard area is now a complete and absolute mess but about 4-6 inches lower than it was. YEAH! Now it will have to be biblical in the amount of rain to come in the back door. So once they finish up and put in the new back patio I’m all set.

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